Member Garden Stories: Saved by the Container

I planted my healthy little chrysanthemum dividends in the center of my yard in June. I watered them every other day and fertilized once a week. Side shoots were starting to appear. They were growing strong! Then, one day, they were nothing but sticks. Something had eaten every last leaf. Rabbits, insects, woodchuck? I cycled … Read more

Member Garden Stories: Simple pump solves watering problem

From Laurie Sabol: I’m always amazed at how quickly our rain barrels fill when it rains. The downside is easily emptying the water. We tried two methods, neither of which I was satisfied with. The first was to attach a hose to the spigot at the bottom of the outside of the barrel. This was … Read more

Member Garden Stories: Drip Irrigation Inspired by Garry

Drip timer

Members may remember visiting Garry and Lela’s gardens and Garry showing us his drop irrigation system in August of 2018. Based on Garry’s success and the knowledge he shared, I decided to try installing a system for our gardens. I started with “Fort Knox”, our most seriously fenced garden. Step 1: I ran a line … Read more

Member Garden Stories: My Coronavirus Hardscape Project

From Janet Tice: Coronavirus? Stay-at-home advisory? Thank goodness for gardening! With the weather too cool and rainy for digging in the dirt and my garden cleanup completed, I needed a project. I decided to tackle a long overdue task: adding a top “step” to the stairs connecting our side and back garden areas. We built … Read more