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Monthly Meeting

Garden Tour - Gardens of Pepe and John Maynard

Saturday, 05/21/2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Event Details

This meeting is a tour of the Maynard’s Gardens in Groton. Address will be sent in email reminders.

Our Spring plant swap will take place at the Maynard’s in the parking area at 10:30am sharp so please arrive by 10:15am.

Carpool Meet Up: Center Town Hall, 3 Parker Rd, Shirley at 9:45am, arrive at The Maynards by 10:15am.

Pepe and John Maynard’s 25 acres in Groton contain sweeping views to the west and the protection offered by hundreds of acres of surrounding fields and woodland.

Starting in the 19th century, successive large country houses had been built on this site, surrounded by the formal, high-maintenance gardens of the day. The last of those was demolished in the 1960s. To rehabilitate the formal gardens that had become overgrown, the Maynards planted an allée of small sugar maples along the lane leading to their barn, and fenced a small nursery area protected from deer. A deer fence enabled them to create informal, naturalistic grounds using as much native plant material as possible.

All of the plantings are still young, but the grounds have grown-in enough to reward unhurried exploration with a wide variety of trees and shrubs, and, in the spring, extensive plantings of daffodils and other bulbs.

The surrounding areas under conservation are open for walks, and a few remaining Black Angus left from the previous owners add interest to the landscape. In the summer of 2020 an energetic couple working for the Maynards decided to clear out a small formal garden neglected for 25 years and overgrown to the point of invisibility. An exceptional stonemason rebuilt the dry stonewalls over the winter and the Maynards began replanting in the early summer of 2021. An exceptionally wet summer helped to get new perennials established. and the couple “are hoping it will look presentable by 2022.”

How the Spring Plant Swap Works

Our annual spring plant swap will be held at our May 21st meeting, at the home of John and Pepe Maynard. We will conduct the plant swap first, starting at 10:30, and then tour the garden. Don’t be late if you intend to participate in the swap!!

You can bring perennials and gardening tools you want to swap. Members who bring plants get first choice in what to take.

Plants can be in a pot or bag. Plant soil should be free from weeds and obvious insects. Members really appreciate it if a description of the plant is included to help us understand what is needed for successful growing results. This could include name as well as light, water and soil requirements if known, height, width, bloom time and color.

Special Event

Bedrock Gardens

Saturday, 06/04/2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Event Details

Bedrock Gardens, Lee NH

Tour Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH. This is a special event and is not a regular monthly meeting. There may be a per person cost to participate. Details TBA.

Carpools can meetup at Center Town Hall, 3 Parker Road, Shirley, MA.

Monthly Meeting

Maple Hill Gardens

Saturday, 06/18/2022
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Event Details

Maple Hill Gardens, Hollis NH

This is a members only event.

Those wishing to carpool, meet at the Shirley historic Center Town Hall, 3 Parker Rd., at 9:45 a.m. (It is a 25-minute drive to Maple Hill Gardens from there.)

The Maple Hill Gardens, made possible thanks to a dedicated group of Beaver Brook Association volunteers, are located at 117 Ridge Road in Hollis, NH.

There are 13 themed gardens, a natural play area, a demonstration compost court, picnic areas and even a wildflower trail to explore!

We will be split into two groups for our tour: One group will receive a 30-minute tour beginning at 10:30. The second will receive the guided tour beginning at 11:00. We ask that everyone plan on being at the site by 10:15 so that we can evenly split the groups.

The gardens include a welcome, rockery, herb, pollinator, Victorian, hedged, fragrance, shade, autumn, “orphanage”, compost court, arbor, and little barn garden.

For a full description of the gardens, visit: https://www.beaverbrook.org/visit-us/maple-hill-gardens/

The Beaver Brook Association (BBA) comprises 2,187 acres of forest, fields, and wetlands in Hollis, Brookline, and Milford, New Hampshire. The land lies where the southern transitional forest meets the northern hardwood forest, creating a diverse landscape of interest to the naturalist and the hiker alike.

On this landscape is a network of over 35 miles of trails, which provides a quiet and contemplative setting for daytime excursions. Forest and wildlife management is practiced throughout the property to protect and encourage a diverse array of native species.

BBA also protects significant portions of two watersheds and has designated natural areas. The BBA “encourages the public to visit their gardens and trails, which are open from dawn to dusk seven days a week, and rediscover the natural world.”

Monthly Meeting

Picnic: Foraging for Wild Edibles and Container Contest

Saturday, 07/16/2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Event Details

Far and Near, Shirley MA

Note that this event is at Far and Near but there is very limited parking there. Parking will be available nearby. Look for the address for parking in the reminder emails.

What is there to eat in the woods? Every season and landscape offers unique and nutritious plants to eat and prepare as medicine! Before our picnic, we’ll go on a walk and learn about the most local, organic, and free food in our area!

In this shortened, informal version of our guide’s three-hour workshop, we will learn a little about foraging ethics, wild plant ID techniques, a variety of edible plants, and respectful harvesting. We will be hiking through varied terrain, on and off trail, up to 1 mile.

Our guide Tim Swanson is the founder of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, a “traveling” nature connection and wilderness survival school for people of all ages. He holds a double Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure Education Leadership and Adventure Therapy (Unity College). He is a Level 1 Certified Animal Tracker (CyberTracker) and a Wilderness First Responder (SOLO) who is passionate about educating children, teens, and adults about nutrition, natural awareness, and equality. He hopes to spread his love of nature through the practice of wilderness survival.

Picnic follows the foraging.

Monthly Meeting

Field Trip: Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Saturday, 08/20/2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Event Details

Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston MA

Monthly Meeting

Member Fall Garden Tour with Juliet

Saturday, 09/17/2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Event Details

This meeting includes our fall plant swap.

This event is at a member’s home. Look for the address in the reminder emails.

Monthly Meeting

Potluck and Planning for 2023

Sunday, 10/16/2022
All Day
Event Details

Center Town Hall, Shirley MA

Note that this is on a Sunday.

Time to be announced.