Summer cookout and container contest

John and Lucy were wonderful hosts for our July cookout and container contest. Lucy’s lilies were spectacular and her wheelbarrow / container should’ve been in our contest. Gary did a great job at the grill and the appetizers, sides, desserts and beverages members brought made for a plentiful and delicious meal.

There were many entries in the container contest this year and deciding which to vote for was not easy. With each member distributing 4 tickets we ended up with a tie for first place and needed a second vote to break the tie. Cindy’s amazing galvanized tub of herbs was the grand winner. Phoebe, Scott and Judith’s Fresh Air Fund guest, won the fairy garden category. Janet, Rae and Judith won the remaining awards. Many thanks to Stillman’s Farm, Weston Nurseries, Mason Hollow and Rob’s Gardens for supplying gift certificates.

Enjoy these photos of John and Lucy’s gardens and the container contest and contestants. To view as a slideshow, click the first image then swipe, click the on-screen arrows or use your arrow keys to move through the slides. Allow a little time for the photos to load, there are many.