Photo Contest Voting

This year’s contest is now closed. Winners will be announced soon.

You can still enjoy looking at the entries below.

How to vote

Have a look at the entries and make note of the entry numbers of your favorite two entries. Then enter the entry numbers of your top two favorites in the form at the bottom of the page. The entry number is the number in the title of the entry’s section such as “73” in “Entry 73 – Blossoms Galore!”.

You can click any image to open a larger version and to be able to look at the images for that entry as a slideshow. Use your arrow keys, click the on-screen arrows or swipe on a touchscreen to move back and forth through the slideshow. Press escape or click or touch the X in the upper right to close the slideshow and return to the page.

Entry 498 – Chives and Thyme

Entry 505 – Cooking fun! What’s for dinner?

Entry 500 – Sunless Cool Days, Weeks of Sweltering Heat, and Months of Deluge! Mercy!

Entry 497 – For Bob: Fall Herbs and Mums

Entry 502 – Raised bed o’ herbs

Entry 507 – No place like Gnome

Entry 499 – Parsley, Chives, and friends

Entry 503 – Our Savory and Verdant Herb Planter

Entry 501 – Pizza Night!

Voting Form

This year’s voting is now closed.