Photo Contest Voting

Welcome to the 2022 Photo Contest!

Vote for your favorite photos between October 6th and October 20th.

How to vote

Have a look at the entries and make note of the entry numbers of your favorite two entries. Then enter the entry numbers of your top two favorites in the form at the bottom of the page. The entry number is the number in the title of the entry’s section such as “73” in “Entry 73 – Blossoms Galore!”.

You can click any image to open a larger version and to be able to look at the images for that entry as a slideshow. Use your arrow keys, click the on-screen arrows or swipe on a touchscreen to move back and forth through the slideshow. Press escape or click or touch the X in the upper right to close the slideshow and return to the page.

Entry 794 – Pinks to Dark Reds to Wines in a Shade Garden

Entry 798 – “Pretty in Pink”

Entry 797 – Cherry Cola Charmer

Entry 803 – Do you miss when it was Spring?

Entry 792 – Garden Guard

Entry 789 – Mallow and Spider

Entry 790 – Heuchera & Friends

Voting Form

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  • Please use the same email as you use for your membership so we can easily verify your current membership.
  • The entry number of your first favorite.
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