Mount Auburn Cemetery Guided Horticultural Tour


Sunday, 05/19/2019    
9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Mount Auburn Cemetery
580 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138

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Our guided Horticultural Tour of Mount Auburn Cemetery is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th, at 11:00am. We will meet at the Shirley Town Hall at 9:00am to do the plant swap, and plan to assemble there for the car pool at 9:30am. Those who plan to drive directly to Mount Auburn for the tour should plan to meet us there in the parking area at 10:45am. The tour should last about 90 minutes.

Mount Auburn limits the tour group to 25 people. We need to get a count ahead of time. Email Sherri by May 11th if you plan to attend. See your member list or the May meeting reminder email for Sherrie’s email address. Also let her know if you are willing to drive in the carpool and how many passengers you can take in your car.

Some people have asked if they can bring guests. Because of the limit on the number of attendees, we will not be able to approve those requests until we have a final count on May 11th. If there is room for guests, requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Please include any guest requests in your RSVP.

We will meet our guide at the main guesthouse. When you arrive thru the front gates of the cemetery, take an immediate right and then a left and the road will lead you to a circular garden with parking around it. You can park on any road without a green line on it. Restrooms are available at the visitor center.

Directions to the cemetery are available on the Mount Auburn website: