Member Garden Tour and Plant Swap


Saturday, 09/23/2023    
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event Type

Garden Tour

Gardeners Exchange member Judy will show us her vegetable garden with unique trellising for cukes and tomatoes, and climate mitigation for summer greens. 

She will also describe her watering system, with rainwater capture, and explain the workings of her passive solar greenhouse with hot air distribution.

Her vegetable garden is her “implementation of gardening with rocks (concrete in this case), as a way to moderate soil temperatures, hold moisture, keep soil from being compressed, and defeat weeds.” Her greenhouse, trellising, garden hardscape, and watering system were all fashioned from scavenged items such as bamboo and concrete block/pavers.

Judy’s husband, who maintains their ornamental garden and fruit trees, will describe the microbe/spray cultivation of their apple, pear, cherry, and nectarine trees, as well as his nutrient spray system for all of their trees and gardens.

Look for location details in the event reminder email.

How the Plant Swap Works

The garden tour will also feature our late-season plant swap. Members are encourages to bring up to six extras from their gardens to swap. Try to pot plants a week or two in advance so they look their best on the day of the swap and also provide descriptive labels. This could include name as well as light, water and soil requirements if known, height, width, bloom time and color.

We will conduct the plant swap first, starting at 10:30, and then tour the gardens. Don’t be late if you intend to participate in the swap!!

You can bring perennials and gardening tools you want to swap. Members who bring plants get first choice in what to take.

Note: Sharing plants and soil carries a risk of inadvertently introducing the invasive Asian jumping worm into your garden. As a prevention, you can dispose of shared soil in your trash (not your compost!) and rinse the plants roots with water before planting in your garden. Of course, if you know that your soil is already infested, please don’t share plants. Here’s an educational link for more about the jumping work: