Edible Landscapes and Growing Small Fruits


Saturday, 03/25/2017    
10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Hazen Memorial Library
3 Keady Way, Shirley, MA, 01464

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Built landscapes serve both ecology and humanity. When done well they promote broader ecological functions of hydrology, soil conservation, and wildlife. Spaces to socialize, comfortably walk, engage with natural function, and harvest food are meaningful experiences that cultivate value.

There is a $5 charge for this event to help cover the cost of some of our speakers this year.

Growing, harvesting, and eating food from the garden is a powerful act that touches upon all these attributes, and fruits are the tastiest items to come from the landscape! This lecture will continue to build upon previously covered topics of promoting soil health and basic garden design. It will profile several small fruits, how they integrate with the garden, and include tips for their care.

Presented by Adam Gray Monroy. Adam has 17 years of experience in landscape design and building, and has worked with HomeHarvest Edible Landscapes & Construction for five seasons, happily exploring the integration of edible components into typical urban and suburban landscapes. He enjoys the challenges of building these spaces and the benefits of working with such a fun team. His fields of study include horticulture, sustainable agriculture, and landscape architecture.