Early Summer Garden Tour


Saturday, 06/22/2019    
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Our June 22 Gardeners Exchange Meeting will be a tour of member Dianne Kazanjian’s garden in Pepperell. Dianne’s property has been in her family since 1955. She began her gardens in 1986 when she and her family moved to Pepperell from Somerville. Now, over 30 years later, expansive perennial gardens and mature ornamental shrubs and trees cover the two-acre property surrounding the family home. Planted areas are complemented by extensive granite, cobblestone and brick hardscaping crafted by her two sons, a landscaped swimming pool area and a pergola covered with kiwi vine and climbing hydrangeas where we will enjoy refreshments.

Diane describes her gardening style as “eclectic” so expect to see a diversity of plant varieties, both common and uncommon, growing in both shade and sun. Included are many re-purposed trees and shrubs removed from clients’ gardens by her landscaper son, rehabilitated in her “rescue nursery” and replanted in her own garden, now of “specimen” size. Mature ornamental trees include three varieties of dogwood, tricolor and weeping purple beech trees, many Japanese maples and a 20ft umbrella pine.

Members should plan to meet at Dianne’s at 10:30am – ample parking is available so carpooling is not necessary. As always, light refreshments will be served. And remember, this is a rain or shine event – gardens are often at their best on a rainy day!