August Meeting: Summer Garden Tour


Saturday, 08/25/2018    
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Event Type

Our August Gardeners Exchange Garden Tour & Presentation will take place at the home of Lela & Garr (see member email for address) on August 25. This is a “rain or shine” outdoor event so please dress accordingly. Parking is ample: in the pasture next to the barn, in front of the barn and in front of the garage – take your pick. As always, light refreshments will be coordinated by Lela and provided by our much-appreciated group of volunteers.

Garden Tour

A big thank you to Lela & Garry for inviting us into their garden for a late-summer tour. Members who visited the garden in 2014 will get a chance to view it again with a new cast of garden characters during a guided or self-guided tour. In Lela’s own words:

Late summer garden – ahhhh August – time to think “next year I have to…” We have about six larger beds and about the same number of smaller ones. There are shady ones, sunny ones, and some combo (ish). Things look good right now, day lilies, phlox, bee balm, astilbe and coneflower all at their peak. It’s been so hot things are moving along quickly. Soon the asters will be starting. I’m dead heading like crazy, hoping things will hold until the 25th…


In place of the presentation on gardening tools (which has been rescheduled for early 2019), Garry will present a “show and tell” describing the drip irrigation system he has designed. According to Garry:

I have set up a drip irrigation system that is tied to our domestic water (well). It directs water to the plants’ roots and not the leaves which helps limit powdery mildew and conserves water. Portions of the system – around permanent plantings – remain in place year round. Where I change locations – such as in my vegetable garden – the parts are recycled. The system is mostly above the frost line so I have designed it to be drained. Part of the system is set up as an outdoor sink to wash vegetables – which keeps Lela happy since I don’t mess up the kitchen!