Spring Dividends at April Meeting

Perry prepared these descriptions of our 2017 spring dividends. The dividends were distributed at the April meeting.

Oriental Poppy ‘Brilliant’

(Papaver orientale)

Blooms late spring to summer and grows to 24-36”. Plant in full sun, in well-drained soil. The large flowers are dramatic! Our variety is a fiery red with black markings. When the flowers fade, the leaves will turn yellow, so plant it next to other plants that will fill in around it as summer progresses.

Consider leaving the fading flower on the plant and let the interesting seed pod develop. It could be used in a fall wreath or to collect the seeds.

Mountain Alyssum ‘Luna’

(Alyssum montanum)

Blooms mid-spring to early summer with small yellow flowers. Requires full sun, likes dry, sandy soil, and is drought-tolerant. This plant forms a low (5”) trailing mound of grey-green leaves with bright yellow flowers. It’s great for a rock garden or at the front of a border.

Carpathian Bellflower ‘Rapido Blue’

(Campanula carpatica)

Blooms spring to summer, with small upturned blue flowers. Plant in full sun to part shade, in well-drained soil. This compact, mounding plant has a height of 5-7” and will bloom for weeks if you remove the fading blossoms. This one is also good for a rock garden or front of a border. The species is native to the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe.