Potluck Supper & Planning for 2016

This meeting has already taken place.

As the gardening slows down and the later-than-normal foliage turns, it’s time to celebrate our year with food, our fall distribution, elections and some planning for next year.

Our members-only Potluck Supper will be at the Shirley Center Town Hall on Sunday, October 18th, from 4 to 6pm.


Election of Leaders for 2016 – We will be electing our Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and members responsible for Communications, Programs, Dividends, and Swaps/Container Contest at the meeting. Janet emailed descriptions of these roles. Whether you’re willing to take a leadership role or volunteer to help as a committee member, think about what are you’re interested in and come prepared to volunteer or make nominations.

Ideas for 2016 – Bring your ideas for 2016! We’ll be seeking your input on topics you’d like to hear more about & your suggestions for speakers, gardens you’d like to visit, field trips that intrigue you and workshops you’d like to participate in.

Pot Luck Supper – Please bring enough food/drink for 6-8 (along with serving utensils if required) according to the first letter(s) of your last name as follows:

A – Da     beverage L – N    main dish
De – Fa   appetizer O – Z    dessert
Fe – K     salad or side dish

Fall Dividends – Fall dividends will be distributed at the end of the meeting. They have been carefully selected by Judith and her team to be hardy, animal resistant and easy to grow. They are also consistent with this year’s theme of herbs and edible flowers. Thanks to some serious bargain hunting, each member will receive 5 varieties of alliums totaling more than 20 bulbs per person! Be sure to set aside some space in your flower beds so that you can plant them before the snow arrives. Photos and descriptions will be available at the pot luck and posted here on the Gardeners Exchange website. If you are unable to make the meeting, please arrange for another member to pick up your bulbs for you.

Seeds for Spring Seed Swap – Fall is the time to save seeds to share with your fellow gardeners next spring. Due to the popularity of our spring seed swap this year, we plan to repeat it in 2016 and “grow” the seed selection with your help. If you have harvested seeds, place them in an envelope with the name of the plant, color, height, sun exposure, perennial/annual, etc. and your name and phone # (in case we need to get more information about the plant). Bring them to the pot luck and give them to Scott. They will reappear at the spring seed swap in individual envelopes, ready to be planted! If your seeds won’t be ready by the 18th or you won’t be attending the pot luck, mail them to Judith (see your member list or email Scott or Judith if you need the address).