Touring Diane’s Gardens

On May 9, 2015, we toured Diane’s beautiful gardens in Pepperell, MA. Her gardens and specimen trees were a delight to see. A slideshow from the tour, click an image to view:

Joe Rajunas’ Plant Propagation Slides

These are the slides from Joe Rajunas’ April 25, 2015 presentation to The Gardeners Exchange about Plant Propagation. These can be handy recall aids though slides alone cannot convey all the information Joe shared with us.

Joe’s Slides:

Invasive Plant Control

Invasive species are a problem for many of our gardens and surrounding natural habitats. As gardeners, sometimes we contribute to the problem by either nurturing plants we don’t know are invasive or by trying to control invasives in ways that make things worse, not better. Did you know that cutting the vine of Oriental Bittersweet … Read more

2015 Spring Dividend Slides

Click the title slide to view the slideshow then use the right arrow key to advance one slide at a time or click the “Start Slideshow” link to play automatically (about 10 seconds per slide).

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