2015 Spring Dividend Slides

Click the title slide to view the slideshow then use the right arrow key to advance one slide at a time or click the “Start Slideshow” link to play automatically (about 10 seconds per slide).

Subscribe to the upcoming meetings calendar

An iCalendar feed of our upcoming meetings (monthly meetings and special events, not outside events) is now available. Choose “Subscribe with iCal” on the Calendar menu and follow the directions. The feed should work with any calendar that can subscribe to iCal calendars. Instructions are provided for Apple Calendar and Google Calendar.

Changes for April and May Meetings

Please watch for email from Janet with updated details for the April and May meetings and an updated calendar. The featured story “April Meeting Location Change” above has the initial information on the changes. Note that the spring distribution AND the book / magazine swap will take place at the April meeting.

The Gardeners Exchange website update

It is spring and time to clean house, clean the gardens and generally freshen things up. The Gardeners Exchange website is no exception. We’ve made some changes to: make the website friendlier to use on mobile devices make it easier to maintain and display things like upcoming events make it easier to add fresh content … Read more

Flower arranging class was a success!

About 18 members took part in Karen’s flower arranging class at our March meeting. Karen was up early to pick up amazing, fresh supplies from the flower exchange in Boston. The ingredients included a nice combination of thrill, spill and fill. Compatible and complementary colors were chosen.       Karen demonstrated as she went. … Read more