Member Garden Stories: Winter Sowing Success

While we wait for it to be safe to gather and hold our meetings, tour gardens and enjoy each other’s company in person, we can educate and entertain each other with stories. Carol Canning offers this story about something new she tried: Winter Sowing.

Carol’s Winter Sowing Story

I’m happy to report success, after following the guidelines on the website: The 6 milk jugs pictured were started in early February. I planted 3 lupine, 2 verbena bonariensis and 1 columbine. This method works well for flower, veggie & herb seeds that are cold hardy or the package says “plant in the fall or early spring”. Planting can be done anytime it’s consistently below freezing. I used regular potting soil and duct tape to seal the cut milk jugs. I placed the milk jugs in a SE exposure, somewhat protected by house, but away from the foundation. Don’t forget to label with a waterproof, fade-resistant marker or paint pen. No need to water, mother nature takes care of that. The verbena & columbine are tiny but they did germinate. I’d recommend trying seed sowing in the winter. Love my tiny greenhouses!

Some photos of Carol’s Winter Sowing Project

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