Member Garden Stories: My First Cold Frame

Judith sent in this story:

I’ve always wanted a cold frame, but have never made it a priority. I dropped a hint to my home project manager and suddenly a cold frame appeared in front of the house! Now I just have to figure out how to use it. I direct planted some lettuce seeds and placed my cold hardy seedlings in there for a start. It will be one of many new experiments.

The cold frame plan Scott used is a slight adaptation of this one:

Note from Scott: If I built another one of these I’d replace the cover design by using 2″ x 2″ wood and cutting a dado for the polycarbonate sheet. The plan’s design is okay but a) requires drilling through the polycarbonate which risks cracking and b) is difficult to make sturdy all the way around as it is difficult to attach the long sides to the short sides and I didn’t want to rely on the polycarbonate alone to hold it all together.

If you have old window sashes that need a new purpose, this approach might be interesting:

Some photos of our cold frame project:
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