Reducing Invasive Plants and Recovering a Healthy Plant Community

Monthly Meeting
Date(s) - Sunday, 03/20/2022
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Reuben Hoar Library
35 Shattuck Street


Note: this is a Sunday meeting due to availability of meeting rooms.

Trevor Smith holds several landscape certifications and is also a past President of the Ecological Landscape Alliance and a current Trustee. Trevor is an award winning, regenerative landscape designer, specializing in Green Infrastructure, native plant design, habitat creation and nutrient dense urban crop production. He is passionate about the natural world which inspires his commitment to ecological principles and practices.

Mr. Smith’s talk will ask the questions: What is an invasive plant? What is their impact on our native plant community? Who or what is to blame for the invasion? Trevor Smith will answer these questions and more in this in-depth look at our struggle with invasive plants. Organic and eco-friendly methods of control and eradication for planting beds and lawns and wood lines as well as what we can do to alter our gardens to make them less desirable for invasive plants. This talk should leave you well informed and inspired to do your part to reset the balance.

At time of writing, this event is planned as an in-person meeting. Current Littleton Policy requires masks. Members will be notified by email if this event changes to a virtual meeting due to the pandemic.