Picnic: Foraging for Wild Edibles and Container Contest


Saturday, 07/16/2022    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Far and Near
156 Center Road, Shirley, MA

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Note that this event is at Far and Near but there is very limited parking there. Parking will be available nearby. Look for the address for parking in the reminder emails.

What is there to eat in the woods? Every season and landscape offers unique and nutritious plants to eat and prepare as medicine! Before our picnic, we’ll go on a walk and learn about the most local, organic, and free food in our area!

In this shortened, informal version of our guide’s three-hour workshop, we will learn a little about foraging ethics, wild plant ID techniques, a variety of edible plants, and respectful harvesting. We will be hiking through varied terrain, on and off trail, up to 1 mile.

Our guide Tim Swanson is the founder of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, a “traveling” nature connection and wilderness survival school for people of all ages. He holds a double Bachelor’s Degree in Adventure Education Leadership and Adventure Therapy (Unity College). He is a Level 1 Certified Animal Tracker (CyberTracker) and a Wilderness First Responder (SOLO) who is passionate about educating children, teens, and adults about nutrition, natural awareness, and equality. He hopes to spread his love of nature through the practice of wilderness survival.

Picnic follows the foraging.