Explore Native Plant Gardens and Plant Sales at Mass Audubon


Monday, 05/01/2023 - Thursday, 08/31/2023    
12:00 am

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Experience the beauty of a garden buzzing with pollinating insects and hummingbirds at a wildlife sanctuary near you. Then learn how to create your own pollinator garden at home and fill it with native plants purchased at one of our annual plant sales!

Special Gardens & Other Habitats

Many of our wildlife sanctuaries have specially-managed gardens designed to support wildlife, help manage stormwater runoff, or provide community gardening space.

Garden & Plant Sales at Wildlife Sanctuaries

During spring and summer, several of our wildlife sanctuaries offer native plant sales. Stop by to learn more and pick up varieties for your own backyard.


Habitat Education Center’s annual Spring Celebration in Belmont includes a plant sale offering native wildflowers, herbs, and vegetables.


Moose Hill’s two-day Native Plant Sale in Sharon offers a variety of native perennials, ferns, and ground cover.

The Native Plant Sale & Open House at North River in Marshfield features native shrubs and flowering perennials as well as family activities and snacks.

Pick up plants to attract butterflies at the annual Audubon Nature Festival at Ipswich River in Topsfield.


Shop for plants that attract butterflies during Broad Meadow Brook’s Annual Butterfly Festival.