Fall Dividend Planting Info

Image of Gudoshnik Tulip bloomThe Tulip bulbs distributed at the potluck are Gudoshniks. From the provider’s website:

“A remarkable tulip loved for its variegated blooms. The flowers vary from an almost plain creamy peach to a deep rose-red, with all possibilities in between. A wealth of colors that has to be seen to be believed. Gudoshnik means “artist” in Russian.”

Plant these 5″ deep with 5 per square foot maximum density. For more information:


2016 Brigham Hill Farm

This year Shirley Williams and the gardeners from Brigham Hill Farm gave us a look at the late summer version of the gardens and the gardeners told us about how they ready the gardens for winter, when they prune different plants and more. It was another enjoyable visit to this special place.

Click a photo for a slideshow:

Tower Hill Edible Garden Tour

Joann Vieira, Director of Horticulture at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens was an excellent educator and tour guide for our visit to THBG’s Edible Garden. Joann has led tours for us before and is always a wonderful and informative host.

Members first learned about the new gardens for all with special features for accessibility challenges then we headed to the edible garden and saw the blend of ornamental and edible. Joann told us how they strive to show how the vegetable garden can be a visually pleasing garden, not just a source of food.

Here are some highlights of the tour, click the photo to see the slideshow:

August Meetings

Our ”Special Event: Tour of the Edible Garden at Tower Hill” tentatively scheduled for Sunday, August 7, has been moved to Sunday, August 28. Our tour guide will be Joann Vieira, Director of Horticulture at THBG. And yes, this is a Sunday meeting – meet at the Center Town Hall in Shirley for carpooling at 9:45am or 10:30am at THBG.

Our second August event is unchanged and will be our Saturday, August 13 “Guided Tour and Picnic at Pleasant Garden Perennials” in Bolton. Meet at the Center Town Hall in Shirley for carpooling at 10:15am or 11am at the destination & don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch. Pleasant Garden Perennials emphasizes day lilies & has both display gardens to enjoy & plants for sale. The latter are in the ground & will be dug for pick up at a later date.

See the recent email from Janet with more details.

John and Lucy’s Garden Tour, Cookout and Container Contest

What a fantastic day to be outdoors! With a breeze and the shade of John and Lucy’s backyard, members enjoyed each other’s tasty appetizers, sides and desserts and Gary helped John with the grilling for delicious burgers and hot dogs.

The food was wonderful and members seemed to enjoy catching up with many a smile filled conversation going on. The main appeal was, of course, John and Lucy’s gardens. The daylily beds amazed, the hostas looked great and the vegetable garden impressed.

The fairy garden and anything goes themes seemed to be a hit for the container contest as there were many entries. All were beautiful and picking winners wasn’t easy but a few members walked away with some nice gift cards to reward their creativity and hard work.

Enjoy this tour through the memories of the day! Click the small photo to start the slideshow.