July meeting is summer garden tour, cookout and container contest!

Get your containers ready and start thinking about side dishes, desserts and beverages! Our next tour is the summer garden tour (day lilies galore!), cookout and the site of our container contest. The container contest themes this year are anything goes and miniature or fairy gardens. An email will go out in advance of the meeting with assignments for side dishes, desserts and beverages as well as directions.

Tour of Judith and Scott’s Gardens

Today’s member garden tour was well attended. The abundance of plants in the swap are headed to nice new homes and the tomato and other vegetable starts that were sold will prove delicious for their new owners in addition to providing some funding for Gardeners Exchange.

Since many spring plants had just gone by in the week or two before the tour, here is a short slideshow of the recent blooms as a reminder of the tour and a view of a slightly different time period in the gardens. Don’t look too closely as some of these images were pre-weeding 🙂

Garden in the Woods Tour

Almost 20 members attended the May meeting which was a tour of Garden in the Woods in Framingham. It was a great time of year to be there with over 60 different plant varieties and species in bloom.

Garden in the Woods has been evolving. They are working to be more oriented around not just wildflowers, but wildflowers that are native to this area. Some major projects are now complete and there are more planned in their master plan.

Here is a slideshow of some highlights from our tour. Click the photo to open the slideshow then click “Start Slideshow” or use your arrow keys or mouse to move through the images.

Healthy Soil

Image of Ben Barkan
Ben Barkan from Homeharvest listening to a soil question
Ben Barkan of Homeharvest gave an educational presentation on healthy soils at our April meeting. For those that couldn’t take notes at the pace Ben was sharing helpful information, Homeharvest has a maintenance manual on their website that covers much of what Ben shared and more.